This is a brief story about how the vinyl's entered Cafebar K and changed it to Vinyl & Cafebar K on September 2017. It is in English as most of this section about the vinyls', mainly because I don't speak and write Czech good enough to maintain these pages.

I am originally from Denmark where I collected and traded vinyl records until I decided to start a longer travel in 2014. To raise money for that I sold 90% of my collection, about 3000 pieces. It took me 3 months to sell the vinyls and quit my job, apartment and belongings. I kept around 300 pieces though, those one’s that have touched the heart and you can’t let go. Some music is simply not for sale! After almost a year of travelling I ended up here in Ceske Budejovice. If any interest, this blog post briefly describes the travel and how I ended up here:

So about vinyl records. Because of the space in the bar we don’t have 1000’s, but try to have a few but good records and always 4-500 to choose from. Genres will of the same reason be limited to rock, blues, reggae, punk, metal and stuff like that. We only listen and sell vinyl that is playable, nothing less than VG (Very Good). And take an honor in graduating fair and precise. A VG record might have some clicks and noise in silent passages, but absolutely playable. Then the price will be limited as well. You can always listen a record before buying.

It is our intention to make some small vinyl fares in bar, where you and other collectors can bring some of your records that you want to sell or trade for other copies. Again, the size of the bar will limit what is possible, so there will probably be a maximum pr person on about half a meter of vinyl. Please visit and like our Facebook page to keep updated about upcoming events and new arrivals.