Vinyl List

Joan Armatrading The Key 99 kc
Joan Armatrading Hearts And Flowers 140 kc
Joe Cocker Luxury You Can Afford 240 kc
John Cougar Mellencamp The Lonesome Jubilee 185 kc
John Denver Back Home Again 160 kc
John Farnham Age Of Reason 99 kc
John Farnham Whispering Jack 99 kc
John Waite Rover’s Return 99 kc
Johnny Crash Neighbourhood Threat 240 kc
Johnny Hallyday La Terre Promise 99 kc
Jonny Destry & Destiny Girls, Rock ‘N Roll & Cars 185 kc
Journey Proximo 140 kc
Jude Cole A View From 3rd Street 160 kc
Julian Lennon Valotte 99 kc
Katrina And The Waves Katrina And The Waves 99 kc
Katrina And The Waves Waves 99 kc
Kenny Loggins Back To Avalon 140 kc
King Swamp King Swamp 99 kc
King Swamp Wiseblood 140 kc
Kizz Best Of Solo Albums 460 kc
Lake Ouch! 99 kc
Lake Hot Day 99 kc
Lake Lake 120 kc
Larry John McNally Fade To Black 185 kc
Leo Kottke Leo Kottke 99 kc
Leo Sayer Living In A Fantasy 99 kc
Leyers, Michiels & Soulsister Heat 240 kc
Liar Set The World On Fire 185 kc
Linda Ronstadt Greatest Hits 99 kc
Little River Band First Under The Wire 185 kc
Little Steven Revolution 99 kc
Live Wire No Fright 140 kc
Living In A Box Gatecrashing 99 kc
Lloyd Cole & The Commotions Mainstream 185 kc
Lobo (3) Of A Simple Man 185 kc
Lobo (3) Just A Singer 185 kc
Lone Justice Lone Justice 185 kc
Louis Armstrong Live Recording 99 kc
Mama’s Boys Growing Up The Hard Way 140 kc
Manfred Mann’s Earth Band Angel Station 280 kc
Manfred Mann’s Earth Band The Roaring Silence 185 kc
Manfred Mann’s Earth Band Somewhere In Afrika 140 kc
Manhattan Transfer Pastiche 140 kc
Manhattan Transfer Extensions 160 kc
Manhattan Transfer The Best Of The Manhattan Transfer 160 kc
Marc Benno Lost In Austin 140 kc
Marillion Real To Reel 240 kc
Marillion Fugazi 420 kc
Max Carl Circle 160 kc
Meat Loaf Dead Ringer 220 kc
Michael Bolton Thr Hunger 120 kc
Michael McDonald If That’s What It Takes 99 kc
Mick Fleetwood The Visitor 140 kc
Midnight Oil Red Sails In The Sunset 260 kc
Mother’s Finest Mother’s Finest Live 260 kc
Moving Pictures Days Of Innocence 120 kc
Mr. Mister Welcome To The Real World 185 kc
Mr. Mister I Wear The Face 140 kc
Mud Use Your Imagination 185 kc
Nena Feuer Und Flamme 185 kc
Nena ? (Fragezeichen) 185 kc
Nena 99 Luftballons 185 kc
Nightwing Stand Up And Be Counted 160 kc
Omaha Sheriff Come Hell Or Waters High 99 kc
Pablo Cruise Part Of The Game 120 kc
Pat Benatar Get Nervous 99 kc
Pat Benatar Precious Time 99 kc
Pat Travers Radio Active 185 kc
Pat Travers Band Crash And Burn 220 kc
Paul And Linda McCartney RAM 320 kc
Paul Carrack Groove Approved 99 kc
Paul Young Between Two Fires 185 kc
Pet Shop Boys Behaviour 185 kc
Pet Shop Boys Please 240 kc
Pete Seeger Pete Seeger 99 kc
Pete Townshend Who Came First 220 kc
Peter Cetera Solitude / Solitaire 99 kc
Peter Frampton Frampton Comes Alive! 280 kc
Peter Frampton Premonition 180 kc
Peter, Paul & Mary Greatest Hits 140 kc